Miscellaneous GK Facts about India and World


Awards Honours and Prizes

Nobel Prize

  • It is the most coveted international award of the world.
  • It was instituted by the inventor of dynamite, Alfred Bernard Nobel (1833 – 96).
  • The award is giver on December 10, which is the death anniversary of its founder.
  • Nobel made a trust from the money that he earned through the patent of his invention whose interest is used to give the money for the Nobel Prizes.
  • Nobel Prize is given every year to those eminent persons who have made pioneering achievements in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Peace, Literature and Economics.
  • Apart from Economics, all other categories have been given since 1901. Economics Nobel Prize was instituted in 1967 and was first given in 1969.
  • The international Committee of the Red Cross has been awarded the Nobel Prize for peace three times : In 1917, 1944 and 1963.

Indian Nobel Prize Winners

Name                                         Field                                          Year

  1. Rabindranath Tagore               Literature                                 1913
  2. Dr. C.V. Raman                          Physics                                      1930
  3. Dr. Hargovind Khurana            Medicine                                  1968
  4. Mother Teresa                          Peace                                        1979
  5. Dr. S. Chandrashekhar             Physics                                      1983
  6. Dr. Amartya Sen                       Economics                                1999
  7. V.S. Naipaul                                Literature                                 2001

Other Awards and Prizes

Pulitzer Prize : It was instituted in 1970 and named after the US Publisher Joseph Pulitzer. It is conferred annually in the USA for accomplishments in journalism, literature and music.

Magsaysay Awards : They were instituted in 1957 and named after Ramon Magsaysay, the late President of Philippines, who died in an air crash. This award is given annually on August 31, for outstanding contributions to public service, community leadership, journalism, literature and creative arts and international understanding. They are often regarded as the Nobel Prize of Asia.

Booker Prize : It is the highest literary award given to the authors of British, Irish and Commonwealth countries. It was instituted in 1968 by the Booker Company and the British Publishers Association along the lines of Pulitzer Prize of US. Booker Prize has been renamed as Man Booker Prize, as the sponsorship has been taken over by the Man Group, an international stockbroker.

Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding : It was instituted in 1965 by the Government of India. It is given annually to persons for outstanding contributions to the promotion of international understanding and goodwill among the people of the world.

Oscar Awards : These awards were instituted in 1929 and conferred annually by the Academy of Motion Pictures in USA. These are considered the most prestigious awards in the cinema world.

The first Indian to get an Oscar was Bhanu Athaiya for the movie ‘Gandhi’. Satyajit Ray was the first Indian who was awarded Oscar for lifetime achievements in cinema in 1992.

Right Livelihood Award : It was instituted in 1980 by the Right Livelihood Society, London. It is renowned as alternate Nobel Award to promote and contribute in the fields of environment and social justice.

Mahatma Gandhi Peace Prize : It was instituted in 1995 by the Government of India. It is presented for international peace on the lines of Nobel Prize.

UNESCO Peace Prize : It is presented by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) for extraordinary contributions for international peace.

UNESCO Human Rights Award : It is also presented by UNESCO for contributions in the field of Human Rights Awareness. It is given every alternate year.

UN Human Rights Award : It is presented by United Nations (UN) for personal contribution for the cause of human rights. It is presented every sixth year.

World Food Prize : It is presented by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), one of the branches of UNO, for the cause of agriculture and food development.

Olympic Gold Order : It is presented by the International Olympic Committee for distinguished services in the development of the Olympic Movement.

Indira Gandhi Award For International Peace, Disarmament and Development : It is presented by Indira Gandhi Memorial Fund for specialized contribution in the field of international disarmament and development.

Bharat Ratna : It is the highest civilian award of India. It is presented by the Government of India. It is presented for exceptional public service and rarest achievements in the field of art, literature and science. It was instituted in 1954 and the first recipient was Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Padma Vibhushan : It is the second highest civilian award for distinguished services in any field including Government service. Padma Bhushan and Padma Shree are the other important civilian awards.

Bhartiya Jnanpeeth Awards : It was instituted in 1965 and is given for distinguished works in any recognized language by a scholar.

Sahitya Academy Awards : It was instituted in 1955 and is given for any exclusive writing in any of the 22 languages including English literature during last 5 years.

Murtidevi Award : It was constituted in 1948 and is given in any Indian language or in English literature, for distinguished contribution to Indian values.

Saraswati Samman : It was instituted in 1991 by the K.K. Birla Foundation and is given for any distinguished literary work made during last 10 years in any of the Indian language.

Tansen Awards : These awards are given by the Government of M.P. for the outstanding contribution in the field of music.

Vyas Samman : It was instituted in 1992 by the K.K. Birla Foundation for outstanding contribution to Hindi literature.

Iqbal Samman : These awards are given by the Government of M.P. for the outstanding contribution in the field of literature.

Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Awards : These awards are given to the Indian scientists for their exceptional performance.

R.D. Birla Award : These awards are given in the field of medical sciences.

Dhanvantri Award : These awards are given for the extra ordinary performance in medical sciences.

Arjuna Awards : These were instituted in 1961 and given by Sports Ministry, Government of India. These are given for the special achievements in different types of sports.

Dronacharya Awards : These were instituted in 1985 and given by Sports Ministry, Government of India. These are given to sports coaches.

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna : It was instituted in 1962 and is presented for commendable display by the players.

Gallantry Awards

Param Vir Chakra : It is India’s highest award for bravery.

Mahavir Chakra : It is the second highest gallantry award.

Vir Chakra : It is the third highest gallantry award.

Ashok Chakra : It is the highest peacetime gallantry award.

Games and Sports

Measurements of Sports Fields


  • Court :                                13.40 m x 5.18 m
  • Net :                                   1.524 m high
  • Shuttle :                             4.73 to 5.50 gms



  • Pitch :                                 20.12 metres
  • Bat :                                    96.5 cm length and 10.8 cm width
  • Ball :                                   155.9 to 163 gms

Derby Course                  

  • Route Length :                  2400 metres (or) 11/2 miles


  • Field :                                 100 x 64 m to 110 x 75 m


  • Field :                                 100 x 55 yards to 100 x 60 yards
  • Ball :                                   5.50 ounces to 5.75 ounces


  • Field :                                 34 x 10 m to 34 x 16 metres

Lawn Tennis                     

  • Court :               23.77 x 8.23 metres
  • Ball:                                    56.7 gms to 58.5 gms. (weight); 6.35 cm to 6.67 cms (diameter)

Marathon Race                

  • Route Length :                           42,195 m – 26 miles, 385 yards

Table Tennis                     

  • Table :                                275 cm x 152.5 cm, 76 cm above the ground  (floor)
  • Ball :                                   37.2 to 38.2 millimeter (diameter); 9.40 to 9.53 gms.


  • Court :                                18 m x 9 m
  • Net :                                   9.5 m x 1 m x 2.43 m

National Sports of Famous Countries

Name                                National Game

  • Australia                            Cricket
  • Afghanistan                      Buzkashi
  • Argentina                          Pato ( declared 1953 )
  • Brazil                                  Football
  • Bangladesh                       Kabaddi
  • Bermuda                           Cricket
  • Bhutan                               Archery
  • Canada                              Ice Hockey
  • China                                 Table Tennis
  • Colombia                           Tejo
  • Cuba                                  Baseball
  • England                             Cricket
  • Finland                              Pesapallo
  • Germany                           Football
  • India                                   Hockey
  • Ireland                               Gaelic Games
  • Japan                                 Judo ( or ) Ju Jitsu
  • Korea Repubic                 Tae Kwon Do
  • Malaysia                            Badminton
  • New Zealand                    Rugby Union
  • Pakistan                             Hockey
  • Philippines                        Arnisf
  • Russia                                Chess, Football
  • Scotland                            Rugby, Football
  • Sri Lanka                           Volleyball
  • Spain                                  Bull Fighting
  • Switzerland                       Shooting, Gymnastics, Rustic Dancing
  • United Kingdom Wales   Rugby Union
  • United States of America  Baseball

Some Important Terminology


Played on, Appeal, Bye, Leg Bye, Power Play, Follow on, Dusara, Beamer, Hoober Shot, Lost Ball, Duck worthLuis, Retired Hurt, Chinaman, Batsman, Bowler, Wicket Keeper, Fielder, LBW (Leg Before Wicket), Catch, Hit Wicket, Throw, Maiden over, Four, Sixer, Wide, Swing, Stroke, Cover, Mid on, Mid off, Mid Wicket, over the wicket, round the wicket, Leg spinner, Off spinner, Over throw, Over slip, Gulley, Cover point, Long off, Long on, Third man, Short pitch, Hook, Dead ball, Run out, Popping crease, Pitch, Bouncer (or Bumper), Full toss, Yorker, Yorked, Googley, Wicket Maiden, Snick, Duck, Hat-Trick, Rubber, The Ashes, Scoring a Ton etc.


Badminton court, End, Trans Lines, Back gallery, Service Court, Let, Forward stroke, Backward Stroke, Toss or Lob, Clear, Smash, Net Strokes, Rally, Setting, First hand or Second hand, Side out, Base of operation, Rotation, Long service, Net Fault, Double fault, Foot fault, Service break, Match Point, Set point, High service, Cross shot, Service change, Drive, Drop shot, Duce, Advance etc.


Dribbling, Front court, Second dribble, Two count stop, Travelling or shifting, Pivoting, Held ball, Jump ball, Violation, Foul, Feinting or Dodging, Shooting, Set shot, Ring, Guard point, Dead ball, Basket Rudnick, Hook Pass, Goal, Centre line, Free throw line, Onstead, Fast break, Lay-up shot, Man to man defence, Pack, Three point, Turn over, Assist, Throw, Goal Tending, Steal, Tap etc.


Abbey, Dribble, Extra time, Full back, Half back, Striker, Centre, Forward, Penalty kick, Free kick, Scissor kick, Goal kick, Direct kick, Corner kick, Referee, Tie breaker, Hat trick, Hand ball, Sweeper, Back, Throw in, Hand-ball (Fault), Touch line, Place Kick, or Kick off, Direct Free Kick, Indirect Free Kick, Tackle, Off side, Sliding Tackle, Drop Ball, Sudden death, Penalty shoot out etc.


Advantage, Back-stick, Bully, Carry, Dribble, Dodge, Goal line, Green Card, Flick, Free hit, Face of Stick, Jab Stroke, Lung Stroke, Melle, Off side, Penalty shoot out, Short Corner, Striking circle or Shooting circle, Square pass, Tackling, Through pass, Under cutting, Stick, Penalty stroke, Scoop, Side line, Tie breaker, Penalty, Under cutting, Volley, Centre forward, Roll in, Push in, Shooting, Half volley, Full back etc.

Lawn Tennis

Ace, Advantage, A let, Back hand drive, Deuce, Chip Shot, Volley, Half Volley, Let fault, Foot fault, Double Fault, Smash, Service, Grand Slam, Singles sticks, Love, Slice.

Table Tennis

Foil, End line, Late control, Flat hit, Block stroke, Service, Penholder grip, Back spin, Centre line, Half Court, Side spin, Swing stroke, Push Stroke, Rally, Let, Reverse, Top Spin, Drop shot, Lob, Chopped return, Counter hitting etc.


Antennae, Attack hit, Back zone players, Dribbling, Libero, Front Zone players, Blocking, Smash, Rotation, Boosting, Net fault, Volley Pass, Forearm pass, Service, Hook serve, Set up, Referee etc.


Bunker, Chuker, Mallet etc.


Heave, Half, Nelson, Rebuts, Hold sager etc.


Bishop, Gambit, Checkmate, Stalemate, Pawn, Grand-master etc.


Bogie, Fore some, Stymie, T, Put hole, Nib lick, Caddy, Limns, Iron, Putting, The green, Bunker etc.


2 metre line, 4 metre line, Goal line, Caps, Personal, Fault, Ball under etc.


Home, Diamond, Pitcher, Put out, Home run, Strike, Ant rubber etc.


Cue, Jigger, Pot, Break Pot, In luck, In off, Cans, Bolting, Hazard, Long etc.

Invention and Discoveries

Geographical Discoveries

Discovery                                                 Discoverer

  • America                                                   Christopher Columbus
  • Sea route to India via
  • Cape of Good Hope                               Vasco-da-Gama
  • Solar system                                            Copernicus
  • Planets                                                     Kepler
  • South Pole                                               Amundsen
  • North Pole                                               Robert Peary
  • China                                                        Marco Polo
  • New Foundland                                      Gobot Sebastian
  • Hudson Bay                                             Henry Hudson
  • Sailor of the world                                 Magellan
  • Mount Everest                                        Edmund Hillary
  • Tasmania island                                      Tasman
  • Cape of the Good Hope                        Baurtho Romeiodeis
  • West Indies                                             Columbus (1492)
  • Solar System                                           Copernicus(1540)

Scientific Discoveries

Inventions                                                     Inventors

  • Air Brake                                                        George Westinghouse
  • Aniline Dyes                                                  Hoffman
  • Antiseptic Surgery                                       Lord Joseph Lister
  • Archimedean Screw                                    Archimedies
  • Avogadro’s Hypothesis                                Avogadro
  • Atomic Number                                            Mosley
  • Atomic Theory                                              Dalton
  • Atomic StructureBohr and Rutherford
  • Automobile                                                   Daimler
  • Balloon                                                           Montgolfier
  • Barometer                                                     Torricelli
  • Beri – Beri                                                      Eijkman
  • Bicycle                                                            Macmillan
  • Blood Circulation                                          Harvey
  • Boson                                                             S.N.Bose
  • Boyle’s law                                                     Boyle
  • Braille                                                             Louis Braille
  • Breaking up the Nucleus
  • of an atom                                                     Rutherford
  • Celluloid                                                         Parkes
  • Chloroform                                                    James Harrison and James Young Simpson
  • Cholera Bacillus                                            Robert Koch
  • Cinematography                                           Thomas Alva Edison
  • Coloured Photography                                Lippman
  • Cosmic Rays                                                   R.A.Millikan
  • Crescograph                                                  J.C.Bose
  • Crystal Dynamics                                          C.V.Raman
  • Cyclotron                                                       Lawrence
  • D.D.T.                                                              Dr.Paul Muller
  • Deuterium(Heavy Water)                           H.C.Urey
  • Diesel Oil Engine                                          Rudolf Diesel
  • Specific Gravity                                             Archimedes
  • Dynamite                                                       Alfred Nobel
  • Dynamo                                                          Faraday
  • Dynamical theory of Heat                           Lord Kelvin
  • Deciphering the genetic code                   Dr.Hargobiad Khorana
  • Electrons                                                        J.J.Thomson
  • Electric Battery                                             Volta
  • Electric Lamp                                                Edison
  • Electricity                                                       Faraday
  • Electron Theory                                            Bohr
  • Electromagnetic Theory                              Maxwell
  • Electrical Waves                                           Heitz
  • Electric Measurement                                 Gauss
  • Effect of Pressure on trough bodies         Meghnad Saha
  • Fahrenheit Scale                                          Fahrenheit
  • Film & Photographic goods                            Kodak
  • Fundamental Laws of Electric Attraction Coulomb
  • Fountain Pen                                                 Waterman
  • Geometry                                                      Euclid
  • Gun powder                                                  Rogei Bacon
  • Gramophone                                                 Thomas Alva Edison
  • Helicopter                                                     Broquett
  • Helium Gas                                                    Lockyer
  • Heavy Hydrogen                                           Urey
  • Homoeopathy                                               Hahnemann
  • Hovercraft                                                     Cockrell
  • Hydrogen                                                       Cavendish
  • Hydrophobia                                                 Louis Pasteur
  • Induction of Electric Current                           Faraday
  • Incandescent Bulb                                       Edison
  • Induction Coil                                                Rohm Korff
  • Insulin                                                             F.Banting
  • Intelligence test                                            Binet
  • In Number Theory                                        Ramanujam
  • Jet Propulsion                                               Frank Whittle
  • Kala-azar Fever                                             U.N.Brahmachari
  • Laughing Gas                                                 Priestley
  • Life Boat                                                         Henry Great Head
  • Lift ( Elevators )                                             Otis
  • Lightning Conductor                                    Benjamin Franklin
  • Linotype                                                         Mergenthaler
  • Laws of Electrical Resistance                         Ohm
  • Law of Electrolysis                                        Faraday
  • Law of gases                                                  Gay Lussac
  • Laws of Gravitation                                      Newton
  • Laws of Heredity                                          Gregory Mandel
  • Logarithms                                                     John Napier
  • Laws of Motion                                             Newton
  • Laws of Natural Selections                             Darwin
  • Laws of Multiple Proportion                           Dalton
  • Liquid Oxygen                                               Dewar
  • Mathematical Astro Physics                           Chandrasekhar
  • Measurement of Electrical Energy            Joule, James Prescoft
  • Mauve dye                                                    Perkin
  • Inventions                                                      Inventors
  • Machine Gun                                                Dr.Gatting
  • Malarial Parasite                                           Ronald Ross
  • Mechanical Equivalent of Heat                  Joules
  • Meson                                                            Hideki Yakawa
  • Microphone                                                  Berliner
  • Microscope                                                   Janes
  • Montessori Method                                     Maria Montessori
  • Molecular Scattering of light in fluid        Ramanathan
  • Neon Gas                                                       Ramsay, Travers
  • Neutron                                                         Chadwick
  • Nuclear Fission                                             Otto Hahn, Bohr and Fermi
  • Nylon Plastic                                                  Carothers
  • Origin of Species                                          Charles Darwin
  • Oxygen                                                           Priestly
  • Paints                                                              Shalimar
  • Penicillin                                                        Fleming
  • Periodic Law                                                 Mendeleef
  • Phonograph                                                  Edison
  • Phonographic Shorthand                            Pitman
  • Photograph                                                   Dauguerre
  • Principle for lever ( S.P.Gravity )               Archimedes
  • Phototherapy                                                N.R.Finsen
  • Positive Electrons                                         Anderson
  • Powerloom                                                    Cartwright
  • Pneumatic Tyre                                            Dunlop
  • Printing for the Blind                                   Braille
  • Printing Press                                                Caxton
  • Printing Types                                               John Guttenberg
  • Psycho-analysis                                             Dr.Sigmund Freud
  • Quantum Theory                                          Max plank
  • Radio-activity of Uranium                              Henry Becquerel
  • Raman effect                                                 C.V.Raman
  • Radium                                                           Madame Curie
  • Railway Engine                                              Stephenson
  • Radio transmitter                                         Alexanderson
  • Rare Gas                                                         Cavandish
  • Replacing human heart                               Christian Barnard
  • Revolver                                                        Colt
  • Safety Lamp                                                   Davy
  • Safety Razor                                                  Gillet
  • Salk Vaccine                                                  Salk
  • Seismograph                                                 Roberts Mallet
  • Scientific astronomy                                    Hippalus
  • Sewing Machine                                           Elias Howe
  • Sextant                                                           Hadley
  • Space flying                                                   Braun, Dr.Wernher Von
  • Steam boat                                                    Fulton
  • Steam Engine                                                James Watt
  • Steam Turbine                                              Parsons
  • Spectroscope                                                Bunsen
  • Steel Melting Process                                  Bessemer
  • Stethoscope                                                  Laennec
  • Submarine                                                     Bushwell
  • Sulpha Drugs                                                 Domagk
  • Theory of Relativity                                      Einstein
  • Theory of Evolution                                     Darwin
  • Talkies                                                            Lee-de-Frost
  • Tank                                                                Swinton
  • Telegraphic Code                                         Samuel Morse
  • Telephone                                                     Graham Bell
  • Telescope                                                      Galileo
  • Television                                                      Baird
  • Thermometer                                               Galileo
  • Thermos Flasks                                             Dewar
  • T.N.T.                                                               llly Brandt
  • Transistor                                                       Shockley
  • Typewriter                                                     Sholes
  • Uranium fusion                                             Oho Hahn
  • Uranus ( Planet )                                           Herschel William
  • Vaccination                                                    Jenner
  • Vitamins                                                         Funk
  • Washing Soda                                               Lablanc
  • Wireless Communication                            Oliver Lodge
  • Wireless Telegraphy                                    Marcony
  • X – Rays                                                           Roentgen
  • Zip Fastener                                                  W.L.Judson

Study of Subjects

Name of Subject        Description

  • Acoustics                     Science or study of sound
  • Anatomy                      Internal structure of living organism
  • Anthropology             Mental and Physical states of mankind
  • Archaeology               Prehistoric remains
  • Astrology                     Predicting future of human beings
  • Astronautics               The science of space travel
  • Astronomy                  Study of heavenly bodies
  • Astrophysics               A branch of astronomy dealing with physical nature of heavenly bodies
  • Bacteriology               Dealing with bacteria
  • Biology                         Study of living bodies
  • Bionics                         Investigation of sensory perception of birds
  • Botany                         Plant life
  • Ceramics                     Pottery
  • Chemistry                    Properties and composition of various elements
  • Chemotherapy           Treatment of a Disease by certain chemical compounds
  • Chronology                 Computing of period of time and assignment of dates with events
  • Conchology                 Study of shells
  • Cosmology                  The Science of universe as a whole
  • Cryogenics                  Production and application of very low temperature
  • Cryptography             Study of Cell formation
  • Ecology                        Study of Relations of animals and plants to their environment
  • Economics                   Study of production, consumption and distribution of wealth
  • Entomology                 Study of Insects
  • Epidemiology              Study of Epidemics
  • Epigraphy                    Study of Inscriptions
  • Ethics                           Psychological Study of moral conduct and duty
  • Ethnology                    Study of mental and physical differences of mankind
  • Etymology                   Study of the origin and history of words
  • Exobiology                  Science dealing with life existing beyond Earth
  • Genetics                      Science of Heredity
  • Geology                       Study of condition and structure of the Earth
  • Gerentology               Science of old age
  • Haematology              Science dealing with the formation, composition, functions and diseases of the blood
  • Horticulture                Garden cultivation
  • Hydrography              Treatment of diseases with water
  • Hydrophonics             Culture of plants without soil, only in solutions
  • Hydroponics               Culture of plants without soil
  • Hydrostatics                The relation of pressure to equilibrium of fluids
  • Hyetology                    Study of rainfall
  • Hygiene                       Study of Health
  • Jurisprudence            The Science of knowledge of law
  • Iconography               Teaching by pictures and models
  • Lexicography              Compiling of dictionary
  • Mammography           A technique of quicker diagnosis of breast cancer among women
  • Metallurgy                  Study of Science and Technology of metals
  • Meteorology              Atmospheric phenomena
  • Morphology                Position, Structure and form of different plants and animals
  • Morphotogeny           Origin and growth of any living organism
  • Mycology                    The study of fungi
  • Numismatics               Study of coins
  • Odontography            Study of teeth
  • Optics                          Nature and properties of light
  • Ornithology                Study of birds
  • Osteology                    The study of bones
  • Palaeontology            Study of fossils
  • Pathology                    Nature, causes and remedies of diseases
  • Pedagogy                    Education
  • Phrenology                 Skull and brain
  • Philately                      Stamp collection
  • Philology                     Language
  • Phonetics                    Study of the sounds of spoken language
  • Physics                         Material bodies
  • Physiology                   Structure and function of animal and plant life
  • Physiograpy                Study of natural geography
  • Pomology                    Fruits
  • Psychology                  Study of mind
  • Radiology                    Radiant energy
  • Seismology                  Science of earthquakes
  • Sericulture                  Silkworm rearing
  • Sociology                     Social problems and human progress
  • Telepathy                    Communication of two minds at a distance with the help of thought, feelings and emotions
  • Therapeutics              Healing of diseases and laws of health
  • Tribology                     The study of inter-acting surfaces in relatives motion
  • Virology                       Study of Viruses
  • Zoology                        Animal life

Important Days

  • January 1           Army Medical Corps Establishment Day
  • January 8           African National Congress Foundation Day
  • January 9           NRI Day
  • January 10        World Laughter Day
  • January 11        Death anniversary of Lai Bahadur Shastri
  • January 12        National Youth Day ( Birth day of Swami Vivekanand )
  • January 15        Army Day
  • January 23        Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s birth anniversary / Desh Prem Diwas / Patriotism Day
  • January 25        Indian Tourism Day / International Excise Day
  • January 26        Republic Day & International Customs Day
  • January 28        Birth anniversary of Lala Lajpat Rai
  • January 30        ( Martyr’s day ) Mahatma Gandhi’s Martyrdom Day; World Leprosy Eradication Day
  • February 1        Coast Guard Day
  • February 2        World Wetlands Day
  • February 5        Kashmir Day ( Organized by Pakistan )
  • February 13      Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
  • February 14      Valentine’s Day
  • February 20      Arunachal Day
  • February 24      Central Excise Day
  • February 28      National Science Day
  • March 3             National Defence Day
  • March 4             National Safety Day
  • March 8             International Women’s Day & International Literacy Day
  • March 9             CISF Raising Day
  • March 12          Mauritius Day; Central Industrial Security Force Day
  • March 15          World Consumers Rights Day & World Disabled Day
  • March 16          National Vaccination Day
  • March 19          World Disabled Day
  • March 21          International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, World Forestry Day
  • March 22          World Water Day
  • March 23          World Meteorological Day
  • March 24          World TB Day
  • March 26          Bangladesh Liberation Day
  • March 28          National Shipping Day
  • March 30          RajasthanDay
  • April 1                Orissa Day
  • April 5                National Maritime Day & Samta Diwas Day
  • April 7                World Health Day
  • April 10 – 16     World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day
  • April 13             Jallianwallah Bagh Massacre Day ( 1919 )
  • April 14             B.R. Ambedkar, Remembrance Day; Fire Extinguishing Day
  • April 17             World Haemophilia Day
  • April 18             World Heritage Day
  • April 22             World Earth Day
  • April 23             World Book Day
  • April 24             Manav Ekta Divas
  • May 1                 May Day ( Workers’ Day; International Labour Day )
  • May 3                 International Energy Day / World Press Freedom Day
  • May 4                 Anti – Tobacco Day
  • May 6                 Lawyers day
  • May 8                 V-E Day & World Red Cross Day
  • May 8                 International Red Cross Day ( It is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross Organisation Jean Henry Dunant )
  • May 11              National Technology Day
  • May 13              National Solidarity Day
  • May 15              International Day of Families
  • May 17              World Telecommunication Day
  • May 21              Anti – Terrorism Day
  • May 24              Commonwealth Day
  • May 29              Mount Everest Day
  • May 31              World No Tobacco Day
  • June 4                International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
  • June 5                World Environment Day
  • June 12              World Day Against Child Labour
  • June 14              World Blood Donor Day
  • June 18              Goa Liberation Day
  • June 25              UN Charter Signing Day
  • June 26              Anti – Emergency Day / International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
  • June 27              World Diabetes Day
  • June 28              Poor’s Day
  • July 1                  Doctor’s Day
  • July 4                  American Independence Day
  • July 11               World Population Day
  • July 26               Kargil Victory Day
  • July 27               Parents Day
  • August 1-7        Breast Feeding Week
  • August 1            World Breast Feeding Day
  • August 3            International Friendship Day
  • August 6            Hiroshima Day
  • August 7            National Friendship Day
  • August 9            Nagasaki Day & Quit India Day
  • August 12          International Youth Day
  • August 14          Pakistan’s Independence Day
  • August 15          India’s Independence Day
  • August 19          World Photography Day
  • August 20          Sadbhavna Divas
  • August 29          National Sports Day ( Dhyanchand’s birthday )
  • August 30          Small Industry Day
  • September 2    Coconut Day
  • September 5    Teacher’s Day
  • September 7    Forgiveness Day
  • September 8    International Literacy Day
  • September 14  Hindi Day, World First Aid Day
  • September 15  International Day of Democracy
  • September 16  Weld Ozone Day
  • September 21  Word Alzheimer’s Day
  • September 22  Rose Day ( Welfare of Cancer Patients )
  • September 25  Social Justice Day
  • September 26  Day of the Deaf
  • September 27  World Tourism Day
  • October 1         Blood Donation Day & International Day for the Elderly ( UN )
  • October 2         Gandhi Jayanti, International Non-violence Day, World Vegetarian Day
  • October 3         World Nature Day
  • October 4         World Animal Welfare Day
  • October 5         World Habitat Day; World Teacher’s Day
  • October 6         World Wildlife Day
  • October 7         International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
  • October 8         Indian Air force Day
  • October 9         World Postal Day
  • October 10       World Mental Health Day; National Post Day, National Solidarity Day
  • October 12       World Sight Day
  • October 13       World Calamity Control Day ( UN ), World Disaster Reduction Day
  • October 14       World Standards Day
  • October 15       World White cane day ( guiding the blind )
  • October 16       World Food Day
  • October 17       International Poverty Eradication Day
  • October 20       National Solidarity Day ( China attacked India on that day )
  • October 21       Police Commemoration Day
  • October 24       United Nations Day
  • October 30       World Thrift day
  • October 31       National Integration Day & National Rededication Day
  • November 7     Infant Protection Day; World Cancer Awareness Day
  • November 9     Pravasiya Bharatiya Divas / Legal Services Day
  • November 10   Transport Day
  • November 14   Children’s Day & World Diabetics day
  • November 17   Guru Nanak Dev’s Birth Anniversary
  • November 18   Sappers’ Day.
  • November 19   Citizens Day.
  • November 20   International Children’s Day / Africa Industralization Day
  • November 21   World Hello Day & Telephone Invent Day
  • November 26   Law Day
  • November 29   International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
  • November 30   Flag Day
  • December 1     World AIDS Day
  • December 2     World Computer Literacy Day / National Pollution Prevention Day
  • December 3     International Day of Disabled Persons
  • December 4     Navy Day
  • December 5     International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development
  • December 7     Armed Forces Flag Day
  • December 10   Human Rights Day
  • December 11   UNICEF Day
  • December 14   National Energy Conservation Day
  • December 18   Minorities Rights Day
  • December 19   Goa’s Liberation Day
  • December 23   Kisan’s Day
  • December 24   National Consumer Day


[ A ]

AAFI       Amateur Athletics Federation of India

AAPSO  Afro – Asian People’s Solidarity Organization

AASU     All Assam Students Union

ABM      Anti Ballistic Missile

AC          Alternate Current /Ashok Chakra / Air Conditioner / Antarctic Club

ACC        Anxillary Cadet Core

AD          Ano Domini (After the birth of Jesus)

ADB       Asian Development Bank

AERE      Atomic Energy Research Establishment

AGOC    Asian Games Organization Committee

AICC       All India Congress Committee

AICTE     All India Council of Technical Education

AIDS       Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

AlFF       All India Football Federation

AIIMS     All India Institute of Medical Sciences

AIL         Aeronautics India Limited

AIMPLB All India Muslim Personal Law Board

AIR         All India Radio ( Broadcasting )

AITUC    All India Trade Union Congress

AM         Anti Meridian ( Before Noon )

ANC       African National Congress

APEC      Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation

APSC      Army Postal Services Core

ASEAN   Association of South East Asian Nations

ASLV      Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

ASI         Archaeological Survey of India

ASSOCHAM           Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry ( India )

ASWAC Airborne Surveillance Warning and Control

ATS        Anti Tetanus Serum

[ B ]

BAMS    Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery

BARC     Bhabha Atomic Research Centre

BBC        British Broadcasting Corporation

BC          Before Christ ( Before the birth of Jesus )

BCG        Bacillus Chalmette Guerin ( Anti TB Vaccine )

BCCI       Board of Control for Cricket in India

BEL         Bharat Electronics Limited

BENELUX     Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg

BHEL      Bharat Heavy Electronics Limited

BIFR       Board of Industrial Finance and Reconstruction ( Formerly Industrial Reconstruction Finance Board )

BIMSTEC      Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand Economic Cooperation

BIS          Bureau of Indian Standards

B Pharma    Bachelor of Pharmacy

BSF         Border Security Force

[ C ]

CAD       Command Area Development

CAG       Comptroller and Auditor General

CARE      Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere

CASE      Commission for Alternative Sources of Energy

CAT        Central Administrative Tribunal, Computerized Axial Tomography

CAZRI     Central Arid Zone Research Institute

CBI         Central Bureau of Investigation

CBSE      Central Board of Secondary Education

CCEA      Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CCS        Cabinet Committee on Security

C-DAC    Centre for Development of Advance Computing

CDMA    Code Division Multiple Access

CDRI       Central Drug Research Institute

CDS        Compulsory Deposit Scheme

CHOGM Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting

CID         Criminal Investigation Department

CIS          Commonwealth of Independent States

CISF        Central Industrial Security Force

CITU       Centre of Indian Trade Unions

CNG       Compressed Natural Gas

COD       Central Ordnance Depot

COFEPOSA  Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Act

CPO       Central Passport Organization

CPRI       Central Power Research Institute

CRPF      Central Reserve Police Force

CRR        Cash Reserve Ratio

CSIR       Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

CSO        Central Statistical Organization

CTS         Computerized Tomography Scanner

CVC        Central Vigilance Commission

[ D ]

DDT        Dichloro Diphenyle Tri-chloroethane

DFDR     Digital Flight Data Recorder (Black box)

DIG         Deputy Inspector General

D.Lit.      Doctor of Literature

DM         District Magistrate

DMK      Dravida Munetra Kazhagam

DNA       Di-oxyribo-Nucleic Acid

DPAP     Drought Prone Area Programme

DPC        Dabhol Power Company

DPSA     Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft

DRDO    Defence Research and Development Organization

DTH        Direct to Home

DVD       Digital Versatile Disk

[ E ]

EAS        Employment Assurance Scheme

ECD        European Central Bank

ECG        Electro Cardiogram

EEC         European Economic Community

EEG        Electro Encephalogram

ELISA     Enzyme Linked Immuno Sorbent Assay

EMF       Electromotive Force

EPABX   Electronic Private Automatic Branch Exchange

EPZ         Export Processing Zone

ERDA     Energy Research and Development Administration

ESMA     Essential Services Maintenance Act

EVM       Electronic Voting Machine

EXIM Bank   Export-Import Bank of India

[ F ]

FAO       Food and Agriculture Organization

FBI          Federal Bureau of Investigation (USA)

FBTR      Fast Breeder Test Reactor

FCI          Food Corporation of India/Fertilizer Corporation of India

FDR        Flight Data Recorder (Black Box)

FERA      Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

FEMA     Foreign Exchange Management Act

FICCI      Federation of India Chambers of Commerce and Industry

FIPB       Foreign Investment Promotion Board

FIR          First Information Report

FRS         Fellow of the Royal Society

FTII         Films and Television Institute of India

FTZ         Free Trade Zone

[ G ]

GAIL       Gas Authority of India Limited

GATT      General Agreement on Tariff and Trade

GIC         General Insurance Corporation

GMT       Greenwich Mean Time

GNLF      Gorkha National Liberation Front

GNP       Gross National Product

GPF        General Provident Fund

GPO       General Post Office

GPS        Global Positioning System

GSI         Geological Survey of India

[ H ]

HAC       Hindustan Aluminium Corporation

HAL        Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

HCF        Highest Common Factor

HDFC     Housing Development Finance Corporation

HIV         Human Immuno-deficiency Virus

HAL        Hindustan Machine Tools

HUDCO  Housing and Urban Development Corporation

HYVS      High Yield Vanety Seeds

[ I ]

IAAI        International Airport Authority of India

IAC         Indian Airlines Corporation

IAEA       International Atomic Energy Agency

IARI        Indian Agricultural Research Institute

IBRD       International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (World Bank)

ICAR       Indian Council of Agricultural Research

ICBM      Inter Continental Ballistic Missile

ICC         International Cricket Council

ICFTU     International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

ICICI       Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Limited

ICJ          International Court of Justice

ICMR      Indian Council of Medical Research

ICSI         Indian Company Secretaries Institute

IDA         International Development Agency

IDBI        Industrial Development Bank of India

IDO        International Defence Organization

IDPL       Indian Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Limited

IFA         Indian Football Association

IFCI         Industrial Finance Corporation of India

IFFI         International Film Festival of India

IFFCO     Indian Farmers Fertilizers Cooperative

IFTU       International Federation of Trade Unions

IIPA        Indian Institute of Public Administration

IIS           Indian Institute of Sciences

IISCO      Indian Iron and Steel Company

IIT           Indian Institute of Technology

ILO         International Labour Organisation

IMA        Indian Military Academy

IMF        International Monetary Fund

INGCA    Indira Gandhi Gallery for Culture and Art

INS         Indian Naval Ship

INSAT     Indian National Satellite

INTELSAT     International Telecommunication Satellite

INTERPOL    International Police Organisation

INTUC    Indian National Trade Union Congress

IOC         International Olympic Committee / Indian Oil Corporation

IPC         Indian Penal Code

IPKF       Indian Peace Keeping Force

IQ           Intelligence Quotient

IRBM      Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile

IRC         International Red Cross

IRDA      Insurance Regulatory Development Authority

IRDP       Integrated Rural Development Programme

ISB          Indian Standard Bureau

ISM        Indian School of Mines

ISO         International Organisation for Standardization

ISP          Internet Services Provider

ISRO       Indian Space Research Organisation

IST          Indian Standard Time

ITBP       Indo-Tibet Border Police

ITDC       Indian Tourism Development Corporation

ITPO       Indian Trade Promotion Organisation

ITO         International Trade Organization

ITUC       Indian Trade Union Congress

[ J ]        

JMM      Jharkhand Mukti Morcha

[ K ]       

KG          Kinder Garten

[ L ]       

LASER    Light Amplification By Stimulated Emission of Radiation

LIC          Life Insurance Corporation of India

LLB         Bachelor of Law

LLM       Master of Law

LMG       Light Machine Gun

LoC        Line of Control (Pakistan)

LoAC      Line of Actual Control (China)

LPG        Liquefied Petroleum Gas

LSD        Lysergic acid di-ethylamide

LTTE       Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam

[ M ]

MA         Master of Arts

MASTER       Microwave Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

MBA      Master of Business Administration

MBBS     Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery

MBT       Main Battle Tank

MCA      Monetary Compensatory Allowance/Master of Computer Application

MCC       Melbourne Cricket Club

MD         Doctor of Medicine

MFN       Most Favoured Nation

MI          Military Intelligence

MISA      Maintenance of Internal Security Act

MIT        Mechachusates Institute of Technology (USA)

MLA       Member of Legislative Assembly

MLC       Member of Legislative Council

MNC      Multi National Corporation

MRCP    Member of Royal College of Physicians

MRCS     Member of Royal College of Surgeons

MRTPC  Monopoly and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission

MODVAT     Modified Value Added Tax

[ N ]      

NABARD      National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development

NACO    National AIDS Control Organisation

NAEP     National Adult Education Programme

NAFED   National Agricultural and Marketing Federation

NAFTA   North American Free Trade Agreement

NAPP     Narora Atomic Power Plant

NASA     National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)

NASDAQ      National Association of Security Dealer’s Active Quotation

NASSCOM   National Association of Software & Service Companies

NATO     North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

NCW      National Commission for Women

NCCR     National Council for Civil Right

NCERT    National Council of Educational Research & Training

NDA       National Defence Academy

NDDB     National Dairy Development Board (Anand, Gujarat)

NDF        National Defence Fund

NEERI     National Environment Engineering Research Institute

NEFA      North-East Frontier Agency

NEPA     National Environment Protection Authority

NFDC     National Film Development Corporation

NFL        National Fertilizer Limited

NHRC     National Human Rights Commission

NICO      New Information and Communication Order

NIDC      National Industrial Development Corporation

NUT        National Institute of Information Technology

NIMHANS    National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences

NITlE      National Institute for Training in Industrial Engineering

NMDS    National Missile Defence System (US)

NMEP    National Malaria Eradication Programme

NOIDA   New Okhla Industrial Development Authority

NPC        National Productivity Council

NPP        National Population Policy

NPT        Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NRDC     National Research and Development Corporation

NREP      National Rural Employment Programme

NRI         Non Resident Indian

NSC        National Security Council

NSSO     National Sample Survey Organisation

NTC        National Textile Corporation

NTPC      National Thermal Power Corporation

[ O ]      

OGL       Open General License

OIL         Oil India Limited

OK          All Correct

ONGC    Oil and Natural Gas Commission

OPEC     Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries

[ P ]

PCI         Press Council of India

PCS        Provincial Civil Services

Ph. D      Doctor of Philosophy

PIN         Postal Index Number

PLO        Palestine Liberation Organisation

PM         Post Meridian/Prime Minister

POTA     Prevention of Terrorism Act

PSLV      Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle

PTI          Press Trust of India

PRO       Public Relations Officer

PTO        Please Turn Over

PVC        Poly Vinyl Chloride/Paramvir Chakra

PVSM     Param Vishisht Seva Medal

PWD      Public Work’s Department

PWG      People’s War Group

[ R ]       

RADAR  Radio Angle Direction and Range

RAW      Research and Analysis Wing

R & D     Research and Development

RBI         Reserve Bank of India

RCC        Reinforced Cement Concrete

RDX        Research Developed Explosive

RIMC      Rashtriya Indian Military College

RMS       Railway Mail Service

RLEGP    Rural Landless Employment Guarantee Programme

RNA       Ribonucleic Acid

RPM       Revolutions Per Minute

RSS         Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

RTO        Regional Transport Officer

[ S ]       

SAARC   South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAC        Space Application Centre

SAFTA    South Asian Free Trade Agreement

SAI         Sports Authority of India

SAIL       Steel Authority of India Limited

SAPTA   South Asian Preferential Trade Arrangement

SARS      Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome

SC           Security Council/Supreme Court

SCI          Shipping Corporation of India

SCOPE   Standing Conference of Public Enterprises

SCRA      Special Class Railway Apprentice

SDR        Special Drawing Rights

SEBI        Security Exchange Board of India

SGPC      Siromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee

SHAR     Shri Harikota Range

SlDBI      Small Industries Development Bank of India

SIS          Secret Intelligence Service (U.K)

SITA       Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girls Act

SLV         Satellite Launch Vehicle

SPCA      Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals

STARS    Satellite Tracking and Ranging Station

STD        Subscribers Trunk Dialing

STPI        Software Technology Parks of India

SWAPO South West African People’s Organisation

[ T ]       

TA          Traveling Allowance/Territorial Army

TC           Transfer Certificate, Trusteeship Council

TELCO    Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company

TELEX     Tele-printer Exchange

TISCO     Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited

TNT        Tri-nitro-toluene

TOEFL    Test of English as a Foreign Language

TRAI       Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TRIPS     Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights

TTE         Traveling Ticket Examiner

TTFI        Table Tennis Federation of India

TWA      Trans World Airlines (USA)

[ U ]

UDC       Upper Division Clerk

UFO       Unidentified Flying Object

UGC       University Grants Commission

UHT        Ultra High Temperature

ULFA      United Liberation Front of Assam

UNCTAD      United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

UNDP     United Nations Development Programme

UNEF      United Nations Emergency Force

UNEP     United Nations Environment Programme

UNESCO       United Nations Economic Social and Cultural Organisation

UNFPA   United Nations for Population Activities

UNHCR  United Nations High Commission for Refugees

UNI         United News of India

UNICEF  United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund

UNO       United Nations Organisation

UPS        Uninterrupted Power Supply

UPSC      Union Public Service Commission

USP        Unique Selling Proposition

USSR      Union of Soviet Socialist Republic

UTI         Unit Trust of India

[ V ]       

VAT        Value Added Tax

VDIS       Voluntary Disclosure of Income Scheme

VC          Vice-Chancellor/Victoria Cross

VIP         Very Important Person

VPP        Value Payable Post

VRS        Voluntary Retirement Scheme

VSNL      Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

VSSC      Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre

[ W ]     

WEF       World Economic Forum

WHO     World Health Organisation

WILL      Wireless in Local Loop

WMO    World Meteorological Organisation

WWF     World Wild Life Fund

WPI        Wholesale Price Index

WTO      World Trade Organisation

WWF     World Wild Life Fund for Nature

WWW   World Wide Web

[ Y ]

YMCA    Young Men’s Christians Association

YWCA    Young Women’s Christians Association

[ Z ]       

ZBB        Zero Based Budgeting

ZPG        Zero Population Growth

ZS           Zoological Society

ZSl          Zoological Survey of India

Books and Authors

Name of Book                                                     Author

A Bend in the River                                              V.S. Naipaul

A Brief History of Time                                       Stephen Hawking

A China Passage                                                  John Kenneth Galbraith

Accidental Death of an Anarchist                        Dario Fo

A Clockwork Orange                                            Anthony Burgess

A Critique of Pure Reason                                   Immanuel Kant

A Doll’s House                                                     Ibsen

A Prisoner’s Scrapbook                                        L.K. Advani

A Sense of Time                                                  H.S. Vatsyayan

A Strange and Sublime Address                          Amit Chaudhary

A Streetcar Named Desire                                  Tennesse Williams

A Study of History Arnold                                    J. Toynbee

A Week with Gandhi                                           Louis Fischer

A Woman’s Life                                                   Guy de Maupassant

Absolute Power                                                   David Baldacci

Adam Bede                                                          George Eliot

Agni Veena                                                          Kazi Nazrul Islam

Akbarnama                                                          Abdul Fazal

Alice in Wonderland                                            Lewis Carroll

All Quiet on the Western Front                           Erick Maria Remarque

All the King’s Men                                               Robert Penn Warren

All the President’s Men                                       Carl Bernstein & Bob Woodward

All Things Bright and Beautiful                           James Herriot

All’s Well that Ends Well                                    William Shakespeare

Amar Kosh                                                           Amar Singh

An American Dilemma                                        Gunnar Myrdal

An American Tragedy                                          Theodore Dreiser

Antony and Cleopatra                                          William Shakespeare

Ape and Essence                                                  Aldous Huxley

Around the World in Eighty Days                        Jules Verne

Arrowsmith                                                          Sinclair Lewis

As You Like It                                                       William Shakespeare

Asia and Western Dominance                             K.M. Panikkar

Asian Drama                                                        Gunnar Myrdal

Bandicoot Run                                                     Manohar Malgaonkar

Beginning of the Beginning                                 Bhagwan Sri Rajneesh

Being Digital                                                        Nicholas Negroponte

Beloved                                                                Toni Morrison

BenHur                                                                 Lewis Wallace

Beyond the Horizon                                             Eugene O’ Neill

Candide                                                                Voltaire

Catch-22                                                               Joseph Heller

Catcher in the Rye                                               J. D. Salinger

Centennial                                                            James A. Michener

Chemmeen                                                          Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai

Cherry Orchard                                                     Anton Chekov

Chidambara                                                         Sumitranandan Pant

Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage                                  Lord Byron

Chitra                                                                   Rabindra Nath Tagore

Circles of Silence                                                 Preeti Singh

City of Joy                                                             Dominique Lapierre

City of Djinns                                                        William Dalrymple

Confidential Clerk                                                T.S Eliot

Conquest of Self                                                  Mahatma Gandhi

Coolie                                                                   Mulk Raj Anand

Count of Monte Cristo                                         Alexander Dumas

Coverty Papers                                                     Joseph Addison

Creation                                                               Gore Vidal

Crescent Moon                                                     Rabindra Nath Tagore

Crime and Punishment                                        Feodor Dostoyevsky

Crisis into Chaos                                                  E M.S. Namboodiripad

Cry, the Beloved Country                                     Alan Paton

Das Kapital                                                           Karl Marx

David Copperfield                                                Charles Dickens

Days of Grace                                                      Arthur Ashe & Arnold Rampersad

Death in Venice                                                   Thomas Mann

Death of a City                                                     Amrita Pritam

Death of a Patriot                                                R.E. Harrington

Deserted Village                                                  Oliver Goldsmith

Devdas                                                                 Sharat Chandra Charterjee

Dilemma of Our Time                                         Harold Joseph Laski

Diplomacy                                                            Henry Kissinger

Discovery of India                                                Jawaharlal Nehru

Distant Drums                                                      Manohar Malgaonkar

Don Juan                                                              Lord Byron

Don Quixote                                                         Miguel de Cervantes

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde                                        Robert Louis Stevenson

Durgesh Nandini                                                  Bankim Chandra Charterjee

Down Under                                                         Bill Bryson

Earth                                                                    Emile Zola

Eminent Victorians                                              Lytton Strachey

Emma                                                                  Jane Austen

Fasting Feasting                                                  Anita Desai

Father and Sons                                                   Ivan Turgenev

Faust                                                                    J.W. Goeth

First Circle                                                            Alexander Solzhernitsyn

For Whom the Bell Tolls                                     Ernest Hemingway

Forsyth Saga                                                        John Galsworthy

Fortynine Days                                                     Amrita Pritam

Freedom at Midnight                                          Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

French Revolution                                                Thomas Carlyle

Friends and Foes                                                 Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

From Here to Eternity                                         James Jones

Gardener                                                              Rabindranath Tagore

Gathering Storm                                                  Winston Churchill

Ghasiram Kotwal                                                 Vijay Tendulkar

Gitanjali                                                               Rabindranath Tagore

Glimpses of World History                                  Jawaharlal Nehru

Godan                                                                  Prem Chand

Golden Threshold                                                Sarojini Naidu

Gone With The Wind                                           Margaret Mitchell

Great Expectations                                              Charles Dickens

Guide                                                                   R.K. Narayan

Gulag Archipelago                                               Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Gulliver’s Travels                                                 Janathan Swift

Half a Life                                                            V S Naipaul

Hamlet                                                                 W. Shakespeare

Harvest                                                                Manjula Padmanabhan

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix         J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire                     J.K. Rowling

Heat and Dust                                                      Ruth Prawer Jhabwala

Heri Apparent                                                      Dr. Karan Singh

Heritage                                                               Anthony West

Heroes and Hero Worship                                   Thomas Carlyle

Himalayan Blunder                                              Brigadier J.P. Dalvi

Hindu View of Life                                               Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

Hinduism                                                             Nirad C. Choudhuri

In Evil Hour                                                          Gabriel Garcia Marques

In Memoriam                                                       Alfred Lord Tennyson

In Search of Gandhi                                             Richard Attenborough

India in the New Millennium                              Dr. P.C. Alexander

India Changes                                                      Taya Zinkin

India Discovered                                                  John Keay

India Divided                                                        Rajendra Prasad

India Emerging power                                         Stephen Philip Cohen

India Another Millennium                                   Romila Thapar

India Unbound                                                     Gurcharan Das

India of Our Dreams                                            M.V. Kamath

India Remembered                                              Percival & Margaret Spear

India Wins Freedom                                            Abul Kalam Azad

India’s Priceless Heritage                                    N.A. Palkhivala

Interpreter of Maladies                                       Jhumpa Lahiri

Intimacy                                                               Jean Paul Sartre

Invisible Man                                                       H.G. Wells

Is Paris Burning                                                    Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre

Jungle Book                                                          Rudyard Kipling

Junglee Girl                                                          Ginu Kamani

Jurassic Park                                                        Michael Crichton

Kamasutra                                                           Vatsyayana

Kane and Abel                                                      Jeffrey Archer

Kanthapura                                                          Raja Rao

Kashmir: A Tragedy of Errors                              Tavleen Singh

Kayar                                                                    Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai

Kenilworth                                                           Sir Walter Scott

Kidnapped                                                            Robert Louis Stevenson

Kim                                                                       Rudyard Kipling

King Lear                                                              William Shakespeare

Kubla Khan                                                           Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Lady Chatterley’s Lover                                        D.H. Lawrence

Lajja                                                                     Taslima Nasreen

Last Burden                                                          Upamanyu Chatterjee

Leviathan                                                             Thomas Hobbes

Life Divine                                                            Sri Aurobindo

Life is Elsewhere                                                 Milan Kundera

Life of Samuel Johnson                                       James Boswell

Living History                                                       Hillary Clinton

Lolita                                                                    Vladimir Nobakov

Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner             Allan Sillitoe

Long Day’s Journey into Night                             Eugene O’ Neill

Long Walk to Freedom                                        Nelson Mandela

Look Back in Anger                                              John Osborne

Magic Mountain                                                  Thomas Mann

Mahatma Gandhi and his Apostles                     Ved Mehta

Mahatma Gandhi                                                Romain Rolland

Main Street                                                          Sinclair Lewis

Malgudi Days                                                       R. K. Narayan

Managing for Results                                          Peter Drucker

Memories of Hope                                              Gen. Charles de Gaulle

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus                  John Gray

Middle March                                                      George Eliot

Midnight’s Children                                             Salman Rushdie

Mill on the Floss                                                  George Eliot

Moby Dick                                                            Hermann Melville

Moonwalk                                                            Michael Jackson

My Days                                                               R. K. Narayan

My India                                                               S. Nihal Singh

My Life and Times                                               V. V. Giri

My Music, My Life                                               Pt. Ravi Shankar

My Own Boswell                                                 M. Hidayatullah

My Presidential Years                                          R. Venkataraman

Mystic River                                                         Dennis Lehane

My Son’s Father                                                   Dom Moraes

My Truth                                                              Indira Gandhi

New Dimensions of India’s Foreign Policy          A. B. Vajpayee

Nice Guys Finish Second                                     B. K. Nehru

Nineteen Eighty Four                                           George Orwell

Nisheeth                                                              Uma Shankar Joshi

On The Threshold of Hope                                  Pope John Paull II

One Hundred Years of Solitude                           Gabriel Garcia Marquez

One World and India                                           Arnold Toynbee

One World                                                           Wendelll Wilkie

Operation Bluestar: The True Story                    Lt. Gen. K.S. Brar

Operation Shylock                                                Phillip Roth

Othello                                                                 William Shakespeare

Our Films, Their Fiims                                         Satyajit Ray

Out of Africa                                                        Isak Dinesen

Ravan & Eddie                                                     Kiran Nagarkar

Rebel, The                                                            Albert Camus

Red Badge of Courage                                         Stephen Crane

Red Earth and Pouring Rain                                Vikram Chandra

Riot: A Novel                                                        Shashi Tharoor

Scam, The: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away            Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal

Scarlet Letter                                                       Nathaniel Hawthorne

Seven Lamps of Architecture                              John Ruskin

Seven Summers                                                   Mulk Raj Anand

Sexual Behaviour in the American Male             Alfred Kinsey

Shadow and Act                                                   Ralph Ellison

Shadow from Ladakh                                           Bhavani Bhattacharya

Shape of Things to Come                                    H. G. Wells

She Stoops to Conquer                                        Oliver Goldsmith

Siddharta                                                             Hermann Hesse

Silent Spring                                                        Rachel Carson

Six Characters in Search of an Author                 Luigi Piradello

Six Easy Pieces                                                     Richard P. Feynman

Snow Country                                                       Yasunari Kawabata

Sohrab and Rustam                                             Mathew Arnold

Sons and Lovers                                                   D. H. Lawrence

Sophie’s Choice                                                    William Styron

Story of My Life                                                   Moshe Dayan

Strangers and Brothers                                       C. P. Snow

Strife                                                                    John Galsworthy

Stupid White Men                                               Michael Moore

Sun Stone                                                             Octavio Paz

Sunny Days                                                           Sunil Gavaskar

Swami and Friends                                              R. K. Naravan

Tempest                                                               William Shakespeare

Tender is the Night                                              E. Scott Fitzgerald

Tenth Insight                                                        James Redfield

Thank You, Jeeves                                                P. G. Wodehouse

The Ambassadors                                                Henry James

The Applecart                                                      George Bernard Shaw

The Arrangement                                                Elia Kazan

The Banyan Tree                                                  Hugh Tinker

The Best and the Brightest                                 David Halberstam

The Better Man                                                   Anita Nair

The Big Fisherman                                              Lloyd Douglas

The Captive of the Caucasus                               Alexander Pushkin

The Cardinal                                                         Henry Morton Robinson

The Caretaker                                                      Harold Pinters

The Castle                                                            Franz Kafka

The Cat and Shakespeare                                    Raja Rao

The Changing World of the Executive                 Peter Drucker

The Civil War                                                       Shelby Foote

The Executioner’s Song                                       Norman Mailer

The Eye of the Storm                                           Patrick White

The Far Pavilions                                                 M. M. Kaye

The Faraway Music                                             Svetlana Allilueva

The Feminine Mystique                                       Betty Friedan

The Fifth Horseman                                            Larry Collins and Domnique Lapierre

The Fire Next Time                                              James Baldwin

The Forbidden Sea                                               Tara Ali Baig

The French Lieutenant’s Woman                        John Fowles

The Fury                                                               Salman Rushdie

The Ginger Man                                                   J. P. Donleavy

The Glass Palace                                                 Amitav Ghosh

The Grapes of Wrath                                           John Steinbeck

The Great Challenge                                            Louis Fischer

The Great Indian Novel                                       Shashi Tharoor

The Guns of August                                             Barbara Tuchman

The Legends of Khasak                                        O. V. Vijayan

The Making of a Midsummer Night’s Dream     David Selboume

The Minister’s Wife                                             Amaresh Mishra

The Miser                                                             Moliere

The Moon and Sixpence                                      W. Somerset Maugham

The Moor’s Last Sigh                                           Salman Rushdie

The Night Manager                                             Johnle Cane

The Old Man and the Sea                                    Ernest Hemingway

The Origin of Species                                          Charles Darwin

The Power and the Glory                                     Graham Greene

The Power of Positive Thinking                           Norman Vincent Peale

The Private Life of Chairman Mao                      Dr. Li Zhisui

The Robe                                                              Lloyd C. Douglas

The Roots                                                             Alex Haley

The Satanic Verses                                              Salman Rushdie

The Social Contract                                              Rousseau

The Songs of India                                               Sarojini Naidu

The Sound and the Fury                                       William Faulkner

The Spirit of the Age                                           William Hazlitt

The Story of My Experiments with Truth            Mahatma Gandhi

The Strange and Sublime Address                      Amit Chaudhari

The Struggle and the Triumph                            Lech Walesa

The Struggle in My Life                                       Nelson Mandela

The Sword and the Sickle                                    Mulk Raj Anand

The Unfurnished Man                                          Nizzim Ezekiel

The Vendor of Sweets                                         R. K. Narayan

The Victim                                                           Saul Bellow

The Volcano Lover                                               Susan Sontag

The Wasteland                                                    T.S. Eliot

The Way of all Flesh                                            Samuel Butler

Thorn Birds                                                          Collen McCullough

Thousand Cranes                                                 Yasunari Kawabata

Three Horsemen of the New Apocalypse           Nirad C. Chaudhuri

Time Machine                                                      H. G. Wells

Tin Drum                                                              Gunther Grass

Tinker, Tailor Soldier                                           John Le-Came

Twelfth Night                                                      W. Shakespeare

Under the Net                                                      Iris Murdoch

Unsafe at Any Spoed                                           Ralph Nader

Unto The Last                                                      John Ruskm

Untold story                                                         General B M Kaul

Up from Slavery                                                   Booker T. Washington

Waiting for the Mahatma                                   R. K. Narayan

Wake Up India                                                     Annie Besant

War and Peace                                                    Leo Tolstoy

Westward Ho                                                      Charles Kingsley

What they don’t teach you at Harvard

Business School                                                   Mark H. Mc Cormack