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Break-up of Questions

Test 1E-Questions 1 to 50: Reasoning Ability-English Medium
Test 1H-Questions 1 to 50: Reasoning Ability-Hindi Medium
Test 2E-Questions 51 to 100: Data Analysis-English Medium
Test 2H-Questions 51 to 100: Data Analysis-Hindi Medium
Test 3-Questions 101 to 150: English Language
Test 4E-Questions 151 to 200: General Awareness, Marketing and Computer-English Medium
Test 4H-Questions 151 to 200: General Awareness, Marketing and Computer-Hindi Medium

Question Structure and Specimen Questions:

Choose the Correct Answer from the Multiple-Choice List.

1. In row of forty children, R is eleventh from the right end and there are fifteen children between R and M. What is M’s position from the left end of the row ?
(a) Fourteenth (b) Fifteenth (c) Thirteenth
(d) Cannot be determined (e) None of these
2. If the positions of the first and the fifth digits of the number 83591427 are interchanged, similarly the positions of the second and the sixth digits are interchanged and so on then which of the following will be the second digit from the right end after the rearrangement ?
(a) 5 (b) 3 (c) 9
(d) 2 (e) None of these
3. How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters LBAE using each letter only once in each word ?
(a) None (b) One (c) Two
(d) Three (e) More than three
4. If ‘R’ denotes ‘÷’ ; T denotes ‘–’; ‘M’, denotes ‘+’ and ‘W’ denotes ‘×’, then– 27 T 15 R 3 W 4 M 6 = ?
(a) 7 (b) 13 (c) –23
(d) 1 (e) None of these
5. Which of the following is the middle digit of the third highest among the five three-numbers given below ?
368 931 472 715 647
(a) 6 (b) 3 (c) 7
(d) 1 (e) 4
151. Members of SAARC countries does not include ____
(a) Pakistan (b) Japan (c) Nepal
(d) India (e) Bangladesh
152. The World Habitat Day is observed on which of the following dates ?
(a) 24th October (b) 14th October (c) 4th November
(d) 14th November (e) None of these
153. With which one of the following sports is Fernando Alanso associated?
(a) Ferrari (b) Billiards (c) Snooker
(d) Tennis (e) Football
154. Which one of the following is the indices of Taiwan Stock Exchange ?
(a) Kospi Composite (b) Nikkei (c) Heng Seng
(d) Straits times (e) SSE Composite
155. The word ‘carbon credit’ is related to ____
(a) construction industry (b) carbon production
(c) medical science (d) IT industry (e) None of these